The mission for Combat Sexual Harassment is to empower those of any gender who have experienced sexual harassment within the St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area to find help, tell their story, and to be champions against it. 


Combat Sexual Harassment is a grass-roots initiative based in St. Louis, Missouri.

Our goal is to survey the St. Louis metro area to better understand who is being harassed, where, how, and by whom. With this information we can begin discussions with local police stations, companies, and the general public on how to make our streets and cities safer as a whole. 

Combat Sexual Harassment also wants to create workshops and discussion gatherings where people can participate to better understand warning signs of harassers and what to do to protect themselves (and others) from being victimized.

Ultimately, we need your stories. Our voices have power. When we are willing to not stand alone, hiding as the harassers would want us to do, we regain strength for us and our communities. Please, read more about the survey here.

We will never share your name unless you give us complete permission, only your story.