This is a list of organizations and services that may be useful for those experiencing or have experienced sexual violence. If you know of an organization or service that could benefit others, please, let us know. We would love to connect with them.


Safe Connections

The mission of Safe Connections is to reduce the impact and incidence of relationship violence and sexual assault through education, crisis intervention, counseling and support services.

Safe Connections is proud to be one of the St. Louis region’s oldest and largest organizations working to prevent and end domestic and sexual violence while helping survivors reclaim their lives. Our services in prevention education, crisis intervention and counseling make a big difference for families and the health of our community

They have a Crisis Helpline that runs for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 314-531-2003.


YWCA St. Louis

Crisis Intervention

SART (Sexual Assault Response Team) volunteers provide support, information and resources to rape victims in local hospital emergency departments 24-hours a day, seven days a week, serving more than 400 victims each year.

24-Hour Crisis Hotline: 314-531-RAPE (7273). For an appointment or other information call 314-726-6665.

Survivor Support Services

Individual therapy for anyone age 14+ who has been a victim of rape or childhood sexual abuse.  Minors seeking therapy must be accompanied for their first appointment by a parent or guardian.

Support groups. Group and individual counseling are provided by professional therapists at no cost to clients. Case management. Follow-up for victims seen by SART.


Bridgeway Behavioral Health

Bridgeway offers the only Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) in St.Charles and Lincoln Counties. SART volunteers respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week to area emergency rooms when a sexual assault victim enters the hospital. Each year approximately 60 victims receive our help. We provide emotional support and resources for the victim and their support system (parents, partner, etc.). The Sexual Assault Center works very closely with law enforcement, court-based victims’ advocates, prosecutors, and health care professionals.  Our collaborative approach allows clients the best possible outcomes, and aids our dual mission to serve victims and put an end to sexual violence in our community. The Sexual Assault Center provides individual and group counseling, community prevention and education programs, and advocacy services all free of charge. This program is available in:

24 hour a day, 7 days a week toll-free line St. Charles County: 877-946-6854 or 636-946-6854

Lincoln County: 877-462-1758


Sedey Harper Westhoff, P.C.

They been fighting for the rights of locals for over 40 years for sexual harassment cases in the work place. CombatSH was fortunate enough to get in contact with Donna Harper. Harper and Westhoff recently had an Op-Ed published by the St. Louis Post Dispatch discussing new changes to laws regarding sexual harassment.



SafeBAE is a student-focused, survivor-driven organization whose mission is to raise awareness about sexual assault in middle and high schools and student's rights under Title IX. SafeBAE is focused on preventing dating violence and sexual assault by giving students the tools to change peer culture, end harassing re-victimization, and advocate for consent and safe relationship education.

They have an amazing video series that should be shown to anyone, school-age or not. They are also open for speaker engagements to schools across the nation.


St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department - Patrol Station by District

The City of St. Louis is divided into three Area Patrol Stations and six Police Districts. The 1st and 2nd Districts are housed in South Patrol; the 3rd and 4th in Central Patrol and the 5th and 6th in North Patrol. Click the link to find your individual district's Patrol Station and its contact information.