Participate with your own voice. Share your story anonymously with our surveys.


St. Louis City and metropolitan area survey:                            click here

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Why are surveys so important?
They give a snapshot look at how sexual violence happens. We begin understanding the who, why, where, and how.

With our surveys, we can utilize the data to begin discussions with people of influence to explain what we already know through our daily experiences.

Surveys give a voice to those who may not otherwise feel comfortable speaking about their experiences. Ours are completely anonymous. They do not take the place of reporting to law enforcement, and they are not meant to, but they do hold an important place in creating short and long-term change.


What we are wanting to accomplish:



Through your personal experiences, we are better able to understand the culture of sexual violence within our city and surrounding area. We can begin to identify if specific places are "hot spots" for sexual harassment/assault, what harassers are saying and doing, who was around, if they helped, and other crucial data.



Once we receive the information, we can then go to local officials and people of influence to start the process of petitioning changes within our laws and policies to serve the needs of the community.



The ultimate mission of CombatSH is to see sexual violence eliminated within St. Louis city and metropolitan area. This may be a big leap, but we believe that every action can help bring us closer to creating a safer place for people of all genders to exist in.